Chicas Mom, starter with a group of mothers supporting their own daughters participating in “CHICAS” by “San Fernando Valley Partnership Inc.” The group ended as our daughters grew older, but we as a group kept in touch, even our daughters stayed closed to each other.

After eight years, we have decided to reunite again.

For what? Why? Because we witness ourselves and though others hoe the system continues to be unfair to women; there is still less work opportunities, uneven salaries, abused immigrant women, exploited, exposed to drugs, human trafficking, sexual slavery, even unwanted and unsafe abortions. We are all expose to all the situations mentioned, but is one (in this case women) gets educated with the correct information it could set the difference between success and misfortune. Information is power. For every situation Chicas Mom wishes to generate an Action Plan with an open mind and at the same time unbiased, with solid support, real to every single woman that comes to us for services.

Why are we focus in women?

Because woman is the family’s vertebrate column. If a woman is fine, family is fine.

In the other hand, women are always searching for help. In any type of situation, is the woman who gives the first step, that first contact to search, request, and finds the help.