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Biografía de Gisela Menjivar

Gisela has worked hard in developing and expanding the role of financial planners throughout the community. As director of expansion for the firm, she is responsible for contracting the new wave of financial brokers for the company. In her years of service since 2004, she has mentored and trained many producers and brokers, as well as conducted several financial seminars for organizations and educational forums. She represents multiple carriers in the financial market providing diversification for her clientele.  In her early years, she focused on residential real estate and loan financing until 2004 when she made the transition to Financial Planning Services. She found the need for financial planning to be a huge opportunity and an immense problem that required focus and change for middle class families.  Her biggest objective is to be able to assist hundreds of families by brining financial education to American households so they can leave a legacy for the next generation.