Our Mission

Chicas Mom is a non-profit organization created by women for women, whom main objective is to reach well-being for the family foundation “women” through education.

Our Vision

Chicas Mom is certain that educating women we can achieve a notorious change in their life, consequently their families, our community, and society in general always working for a better future. Our vision is to empower women to their full potential “chicas in control and success”

Our Values

Chicas Mom compromise especially with the Latina Women nevertheless is available and open to all women no matter race, color, religion, educational background, and income. As an organization established by women we identify ourselves with various phases and situations that happens in a life of a women.

Chicas Mom’s main objective is to provide women with needed tools to be self-sufficient and independent. For women to feel valued, heard, and supported, through different workshops, training courses, coaching, grants, counseling, community forums, and/or alliances with other organizations and multiple monthly activities.